The Adorable Strategy Gordon Ramsay Uses To Avoid Swearing Around His Family

Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for being a bit of a hothead. Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Hell's Kitchen or MasterChef is well aware that the famous Brit has quite the temper. Not only has he been known to throw plates and pans (along with food undeserving of his time), the international celebrity chef also has a vocabulary that's not exactly safe for work or children. Basically, he's a potty mouth. 

Tune into one of his shows and when he's angry, you'll hear more beeps censoring out his swear words than Gordon's actual voice. But who the chef is on-screen is very different from who he is at home, according to reports from friends and family. 

"He does not swear at home," Gordon's daughter, Matilda, told Waitrose Weekend (via Refinery29). "He's just a normal dad." Gordon's PG language at home isn't a coincidence, however — here's how the celebrity chef makes sure he doesn't curse around his kids.

Gordon Ramsay has invented alternatives to curse words

Since swearing is such an ingrained habit, quitting cold turkey whenever he went from chef to dad would be very difficult for Gordon Ramsay. Instead, he started making up kid-friendly variations of curse words to use instead of the four-letter words themselves. "Rather than saying the word 's–t, which, you know, is not nice...'Shitake'!" he explained in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (via E! Online). "It's not nice saying the word 'f–k,' so we say the word 'fructose.' 'Ass?' 'Asparagus!'"

Despite Gordon's best intentions at keeping his language clean at home, he admitted that he slips up time from time. So much so, that his not-so-nice vocabulary may be rubbing off on the youngest member of the Ramsay family. According to CheatSheet, Gordon said that when he fed his son Oscar butternut squash puree, the toddler's reaction may have included a bad word. "You can sort of lip read... I think the words that came out of his mouth was 'F–king disgusting,'" the chef said with a laugh.