Why Some Starbucks Fans Think They Know The Holiday Drink Release Date

Nothing says fall is coming quite like the Starbucks PSL. As NPR puts it: "Who Cares About Calendars? The Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Here, Which Means Fall Has Begun." So if PSL spells f-a-l-l, then one festive symbol certainly rings in winter, the most wonderful season of all: the annual red holiday cup.

The story of the holiday cup, according to Starbucks, began in 1997, with an original design that predated Instagram and went largely undocumented. In fact, the record of the cups was nearly lost due to an earthquake in 2001. Thanks to a stash kept by designer Sandy Nelson, however, we still know what they looked like. According to her, the first design wasn't red at all, but more of a magenta, and came in three other colors. By 1999, the company decided that all future cups would be a vivid holiday red. So, when exactly can we expect this year's holiday cups, filled with pepperminty and gingerbread-flavored delights, to arrive?

Red cups ring in the holidays

Last year, Starbucks released its line of holiday drinks on November 6, as noted by Popsugar. The source notes that the company is still mum on the timing and wants fans to relish the flavors of fall a little longer — but, still, many steadfast fans are confident that this year's festive beverages will follow a similar schedule.

As a matter of fact, a website called Countdown to Red Cups, while not affiliated with Starbucks, claims to have "confirmed" that the 24th edition of the red cup will be unveiled on Sunday, November 7. The site is so sure that we will be able to take our first sips of a peppermint mocha in 2021 that it even has a countdown clock running down to the second. Gotta love that confidence! Anyone else keeping a tab of the clock open? They could just be right.