The Most Underrated Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Not everyone can be a Pumpkin Spice Latte. While the famous squash-themed latte reigns supreme in pop culture, we're interested in the underdogs, the sleeper hits, and the most underrated drinks on the Starbucks holiday menu. That's right — we're thinking outside the cup and you should, too. To begin, let's start by highlighting a lesser-known holiday drink from the famous chain: the eggnog latte. The eggnog latte is a groundbreaking drink because anything that helps bring fresh nutmeg to mainstream should be mentioned, and the aroma has us doing a happy dance. 

Just what makes an eggnog latte so delectable? The 'nog of course. As described by the coffee giant, this beverage features, "richly steamed eggnog and our signature espresso, and then topped with a dusting of nutmeg." That said, we understand this beverage is divisive. People either love it or hate it. For the eggnog lovers, there's really no other seasonal drink that can compare. Do keep in mind however, that the flavor won't be quite as ice-creamy and sweet as your traditional dairy and sugar holiday beverage (via PureWow). The heating and espresso mellow these flavors into a milder net result, so this drink would more likely be a favorite of those who skip the extra pump of syrup.

This coffee and dessert pairing from Starbucks is our next holidate food

A beverage by itself is good, but a beverage paired perfectly with a favorite seasonal holiday dessert? Well that's just magical. The winter holidays bring out one of our favorite Starbucks seasonal treats called the Cranberry Bliss Bar. If you've never tried it, what your missing is, "A blondie cake with dried cranberries, finished with a layer of cream-cheese icing flecked with orange zest and a sprinkle of dried cranberries," (via Starbucks). Tart, sweet, and a little bit savory with a citrus zest and an indulgent blondie bite, it's just, well, bliss.

But this article is about drinks of course, and in order to really appreciate this festive dessert bar you'll need a complementary drink. To level it up, try sipping on Veranda coffee. 

As recommended by a Starbucks supervisor on Reddit, "the tartness of the cranberries brings out the citrus undertones" that can be found in the bar. Veranda is usually served as standard brewed coffee at the barista counter, but you can also purchase this blend at home. The blend is a blonde roast (think: not too dark and heavy) with tasting notes of "toasted malt and baking chocolate," (via Starbucks). This combo hits all the holiday tasting notes you need, yet is a quick and simple to order, too.

There's more to Starbucks' drinks than just coffee

Rounding out our lineup of most underrated Starbucks holiday beverages, we'd like to remind you that the baristas can serve and customize many drinks beyond coffee. Most lattes can be served as steamers (or creamers) depending on where you live. That means items like the eggnog latte can be served as simply steamed eggnog, or the creme brulée an be served as a caffeine-free caramel toasted warm drink like hot chocolate. The flavor that really caught our eye, however, was a flavor from an unassuming fruit, and it just so happens to take everyone's favorite juice to another level.

As part of the cold-side offerings at all Starbucks locations you'll find 100% juice — including apple juice (via PopSugar). But baristas have this behind the counter, too. It's called a Caramel Apple Spice, and it wraps up all you could want from a warm fall and winter drink. It features steamed apple juice with cinnamon syrup and whipped cream, and to top it all off, a drizzle of caramel sauce. We can see families warming themselves up with these delightful drinks as they go for a drive admiring Christmas lights.

So, just because a drink is underrated doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. We can't wait to add more of these fun drink ideas to our own list this holiday season.