TikTok Can't Get Over This Simple Tomato Paste Storage Tip

Cleaning out the refrigerator can be a science experiment that no one wants to tackle. From that bagged salad that was never eaten to the jar of tomato paste that was pushed to the dark recesses of the top shelf, forgotten food is money wasted. As TikTok has grown as the place for simple, doable food hacks, a recent idea from user Rebeca Huffman has many people rethinking that recipe which uses tomato paste. Now, that little can is more than just single-use.

As seen in the TikTok video, Huffman stores leftover tomato paste in a small freezer bag, scores the bag into sections, and freezes it. When she needs tomato paste for another recipe, she simply breaks off a piece of the frozen tomato paste and returns the remainder to the freezer. The simple idea has resonated with many TikTok users. For example, H Justice said this idea was "awesome for cans," and Shanisee said, "I've wasted so much food that I could have done this the whole time." While knowing is half the battle, the reality is that simple ideas are all around the kitchen. Even though some people subscribe to buying tomato paste in a tube to avoid the waste potential, this storage tip can apply to a variety of leftover foods. Sometimes being thoughtful in the kitchen is both creative and frugal.

Storing tomato paste is easier than you think

From TikTok hacks to Martha Stewart, the avoidance of food waste is a priority for many people. Since some recipes call for a small amount of an ingredient, the leftover portion can create a storage dilemma. With storing tomato paste, there are few options that are a cut off the block. Martha Stewart suggests freezing the leftover tomato paste. Contadina recommends rolling the tomato paste into a log and cutting off slices. Although putting the can in the freezer might be debated, it seems that freezing leftovers is the most common solution.

As seen in Rebeca Huffman's TikTok video, they recommend freezing in a storage bag, but some comments recommend using silicone ice cube trays. From the smaller portion size to the convenience, many people enjoy popping out tomato paste cubes for future recipe needs. Whether or not people are just learning of these ideas or being more conscious of food waste, the reality is that there is no reason for that tomato paste can to be left unclaimed for the next spring cleaning event.