This Surprising Aldi Almond Milk Find Has TikTok Gagging

People love their non-dairy milk, but chances are it will be a long time before anyone following TikTok user @nikky_afo reaches for almond milk again 一 or at the very least, almond milk from Aldi. The user joined TikTok to create "awareness" of the horrible surprise she found in a carton of almond milk from the German grocer. Her account already has more than 12,000 followers watching closely as she lays out the details of her communication with Aldi U.K., and her first damning video has more than 3 million views. 

Nikky's TikTok shows how her family finds what appears to be mold on the cap of a previously unopened carton of almond milk that still has five months left before expiry. Whoever is handling the camera is fairly shaky, and the nausea you'll feel when the family member reveals the contents is not improved by the filming.

She pours the milk into the sink, and a few chunky pieces come out. When she shakes the carton, it's clear that there's still something at the bottom. At this point, viewers know it can't be good, and the comments for the viral video show that people are ready for the worst. One user wrote, "I was waiting for the spider to pop up and scare me." Somehow, a spider would have been more recognizable than what Nikky and her family unearthed after cutting open the carton.

What did she find in the carton of almond milk?

When she finally dumps out the mystery substance, what can only be described as a chunky layered blob emerges. Some commenters wasted no time theorizing over what it could be, suggesting shellfish, "forbidden lasagna," an old tea bag, and much more (via TikTok). However, Aldi U.K. responded to Nikky's family with a more logical explanation: There was probably a "breach in the packaging" that allowed air to enter and mold to form inside the carton, she shared in another video.

Although Nikky said that Aldi was apologetic about her experience, some TikTok users were not impressed with the voucher (equivalent to about $55) that the company offered her. She reminded viewers to "be safe" and inspect beverage cartons carefully before purchasing or consuming. Seriously: These situations don't always make it to the news, but a similar case occurred in 2015 when a Canadian woman found a slimy object in her almond milk, CBC reports. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency carefully observed the extraneous material and reported it was indeed mold.