Pillsbury Brought Back This Edible Raw Cookie Dough Flavor For Fall

Who else remembers licking the spoon after grandma scraped all the raw cookie batter onto the pan? Raw cookie dough has been eaten for eons, and yes, even after being advised of the many warnings against it. Many simply cannot resist scooping a fingerful of freshly made batter into their mouths or eating a favorite flavor straight out of the tub-the threat of E.coli is certainly not stopping true cookie dough lovers.  

Once companies realized the secret love affair people continued having with raw dough, we eventually began seeing safer "cookie dough" flavored items pop up, like ice cream and cereal (per the Kellogg's Company website). The big cookie companies had to get on board too, formulating special edible cookie doughs, including Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Cookie Dough, which became available across the country in July of 2020 (per the Pillsbury website). 

Perhaps the only thing better than safely devouring raw cookie dough is combining that pleasure with the festive flavors of fall. And the brilliant minds at Pillsbury know that there is more to the fall than pumpkin spice, which is why they brought back another popular fall flavor.

A fall flavor that gives pumpkin spice strong competition

Pillsbury has brought back the Salted Caramel Apple Cookie Dough, and yes, you can eat it raw or bake it. Best Products reports the base of this treat is sugar cookie dough, which is made all the sweeter with the addition of tart apple bits and sweet salted caramel. Understandably, people are excited.

Social media user Kosherfoodie_stalker shared in an Instagram post that this is one of their favorite Pillsbury flavors, and from the comments, it's clear this Instagrammer isn't alone in their love for this fall flavor. Followers took to the post with their mouths watering in emoji form. Responses included, "Mmmm look at the swirls of caramel" and "These are SOOOO GOOD!"

You may be excited to have a fall flavor other than "pumpkin everything" to choose from, and we are, too. So you might want to scoop these up while you can because they are only available temporarily. It's also worth noting that instead of the 24 cookies that Pillsbury cookie dough packages normally contain, these limited-edition packages hold 12 large cookies.