Sunny Anderson Is All Of Us In This Hilarious Food Network Meme

As a chef and TV personality, Sunny Anderson is someone who's not afraid to be herself on a public platform. She told Parade that it was good for her to be raised in a world that didn't have social media. "I'm really lucky that I [grew up] before the internet existed, so I didn't find my worth in it. I didn't find my personality in it. And I didn't find who I am in it," she explained to the publication.

That said, Anderson is still very much interested in reaching out to fans and inspiring them to cook. Whether they're just starting out in the kitchen or are already adept at the basics, the chef has a little something for everyone. She utilizes social media as a sort of "storefront," as she told Parade. She often takes to Instagram to share her real food opinions — both popular and controversial. For example, she considers the "corner piece" of a lasagna the most wonderful. In typical Anderson fashion, she accompanied this opinion with, "fight me." So, it's not surprising that Sunny Anderson's latest Instagram share not only deals with food but is incredibly relatable. 

Anderson can't get enough of this chocolate meme

Anderson also put up another Instagram post that was super funny and proved that the chef has a solid sense of humor. It was a short video clip that she spotted on the Food Network's Twitter account and couldn't stop herself from sharing it with her fans. Anderson wrote, "..bravo, y'all ... whomever made this, you made me laugh." 

The video clip was dedicated to the new TV show, "Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey's After Dark," which Anderson is set to host. It featured Anderson suddenly turning around with a super serious expression on her face. The accompanying text read, "When someone says they have chocolate." How apt! 

Her fans loved this post. One of them wrote that this is basically what they do all day. Another commentator said that they feel this strongly about tacos. Also, one of Anderson's fans came up with the perfect caption for the meme and wrote, "Where is it? Where's the chocolate?"