These Are The Most Expensive Oysters In The World

There seems to be no shortage of shockingly expensive foods around the world, with the competition to claim the title always pushing the outlandish price tags forward. From cakes to pears, there are plenty of ways you can spend money on lavish food. While oysters can be quite pricey, none are more expensive than Coffin Bay oysters hailing from Australia (via First We Feast).

These oysters cost a whopping $100 each. That means a standard order of a dozen Coffin Bay oysters on the half shell would add up to $1,200. However, these oysters are truly massive, which means you likely won't want to order that many. According to First We Feast, each one of these oysters can measure up to 7.09 inches long and weigh up to 2.2 pounds. That's a lot of oyster for $100 — even if it is a single bivalve. If you plan to take the plunge, know that these are typically served raw with just a squeeze of lemon.

You can get a bargain with a tour, though

If you just have to try one of these huge Coffin Bay oysters, then you might want to make the most of the experience. While you could simply order it at a restaurant or visit a local market in Australia, the most immersive way to try these oysters is to take a tour. You can actually book one of several tour options with Experience Coffin Bay.

Those who embark on a tour will take a boat offshore to the sandbar where the oysters are farmed. There, visitors can pull on waders and walk among the oysters and talk with the farmers themselves. Depending on the package, the tours even come with a tasting at the end. The three-hour package, priced at $155, includes a dozen oysters. The hour-and-a-half package, priced at $75, includes six oysters. So, you can see where the oysters come from, talk to the people who farm and harvest the oysters, and give them a try for a well-rounded and most cost-effective experience of Coffin Bay oysters.