What It's Like To Work At IHOP, According To Employees

Ever since it first opened it's doors in 1958, the International House Of Pancakes — better known colloquially as IHOP — has been synonymous with that classic, buttery, fluffy, and syrupy American breakfast treat. Although very briefly changing its title way back in 2018 in a marketing scheme that involved plenty of burgers (via SpoonUniversity), IHOP has always been about serving up pancakes in the most creative ways imaginable — from pancakes stuffed with huge juicy blueberries to New York Cheesecake-styled pancakes with real cheesecake filling. IHOP certainly has found the niche for most Americans seeking a good breakfast

But what is it like to actually work at IHOP? What is life as a member of the International House of Burg — uh, Pancakes like? Is it all putting bacon and sunny-side-up egg smiles on golden brown flapjacks, or is it as unpleasant as biting into the gooey batter-filled center of an uncooked pancake? Fortunately, there are many employees who are happy to share their opinions on working with the IHOP family. 

Working at IHOP is mixed

On the Reddit community TalesFromYourServer, user u/TravelPupil described their position: The poster was a new hires at IHOP, located in a "$2.13 state", and unable to leave due to having quit their previous job at Olive Garden. They turned to advice on Reddit for information about what to expect from the job. Many previous and current workers at IHOP came to give descriptions of their time working at the breakfast/diner chain.

"Serving at ihop is pretty bad. I worked at three locations of the course of a year. " said user u/cutthroat12, before describing disgusting, reheated food and lazy, trashy coworkers. "Customers were generally trash. Consistently $5 tips on 100$ bills."

"Overall, it's not the worst place to work. just note you will probably get a lot more stingy or budget minded people, and you should get used to $2-$10 tips" said user/_h_, being a bit more charitable than their previous commenter. They described it as "sometimes it sucks, but it's not the worst gig in the world".

Indeed.com, a place for anonymous reviews, had plenty of reviews from past and former employees, with a lukewarm response at best. "Too much work for to few people. No one stayed because the drama level is ridiculous. Management uncaring about you" grumbled one server from Charleston. 

However, other servers said that the experience wasn't that bad. "It's decent and 2 manager seem understanding got nothing bad to say yet" said a current employee from Georgia.

It seems to be a mixed bag at most, so it just seems to be based all on location, like any other business.