Former White House Chef Says This Was Bill Clinton's Favorite Comfort Food - Exclusive

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It turns out that American presidents can be just as picky as the rest of us — maybe even more so. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, former White House chef, Andre Rush, revealed that George H.W. Bush hated one vegetable so much that he banned it from the premises. "He hated broccoli," Rush said. "He was the one where it was old-school Texan like, 'Nope, not having it ... I'm not having it, so nobody else is going to have it either,' which is pretty funny because it's usually never like that."

The cook also revealed that just because a commander-in-chief might want something in particular didn't always mean he would get it. Rush explained that the majority of the public doesn't understand that the First Lady predominantly controls everything that's served in the White House. "This is 99% of administration," he explained. "FLOTUS is the person that actually hires the chefs. She can also fire the chef, and that's the relationship part of it." Apparently, this also meant that Hillary Clinton had some ideas about what Bill Clinton could and couldn't consume during his time in the Oval Office.

Bill Clinton loved fried chicken sandwiches, but that didn't always mean he would get to eat one

Chef Andre Rush, who also served in the US Army, said that the First Lady often controlled what was served on the menus. While the former President liked to indulge in food that skewed more towards comfort dishes, Hillary Clinton wasn't always on board with that plan. "[For] Bill Clinton, a great fried chicken sandwich was always on a comfort part of the zone," Rush said. "She had other ideas. That was a touchy slope. He may order one thing and get something else." However, Hillary Clinton might have been onto something.

After a health scare more than a decade ago, Bill Clinton decided to steer clear of meat altogether and go vegan. He had suffered from heart disease for years, which eventually led to one of his veins giving out (via AARP). After that, the charismatic leader decided that sticking to more nutrient-based meals would be a better path for him. While he does still occasionally enjoy some fish entrees, he now reaches for an almond-milk smoothie or simple salad, instead of a fried piece of meat. A healthier move that we're sure the former First Lady fully supports.

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