The Real Reason Bill Clinton Went Vegan

So many public figures and celebrities consume diets that are plant-based. Among them, as Good Housekeeping reports, are Natalie Portman, Ariana Grande, and Liam Hemsworth. Their reasons for pursuing a vegan lifestyle differ: perhaps it's in an effort to stand for animal rights (per Cheat Sheet), or a stance against climate change (via Live Kindly). But did you know our 42nd president is also vegan?

Bill Clinton has been eating primarily vegan for over a decade, according to an AARP article. He loves all types of quinoa, beans, and other veggies, and some of his favorite meals include an almond-milk smoothie and a green salad with vegan protein. And with the Clintons having a house manager who cooks delicious meals, it isn't too hard to eat plant-based.

The answer to why Clinton made his choice to switch to a plant-based lifestyle is not so different from many others: for health reasons. According to the AARP article, Clinton had dealt with years of heart disease, and after one particular occurrence when his veins gave out, he made the decision to cut out all meat and dairy.

Bill Clinton and veganism today

That having been said, in the past few years, Clinton has started to shift away from a strict vegan diet. A more recent Business Insider article states that the former president is no longer entirely vegan, and does occasionally eat fish.

Nonetheless, avoiding red meats and dairy has helped the now 74-year-old to maintain his heart health and has made him the oldest person in his family for three generations, according to a PETA blog post. He also combines his mostly plant-based lifestyle with daily movement, which is usually walking two or three miles (via AARP).

Though he may be a former president of the United States, Clinton's journey with veganism isn't too different from many others. Many people go vegan to manage heart disease, as Eating Well reports. That, combined with the lifestyle's numerous other health benefits, increases the likelihood that the number of people going vegan will continue to increase in the years to come.