TikTok Can't Get Enough Of These Domino's Workers' Dance Routine

Let's admit it: a job as a fast-food employee is a stressful task that's not easy to overcome. It's fast-paced and demanding. A Reddit user was so taken aback by their job in the industry that they wrote about the experience right after starting their new job. "Today I started working at a fast food restaurant for the first time and people can be so rude!" they wrote. "It's also really confusing when you don't know every single menu etc." They added that they nearly teared up as they tried to get used to the work environment.

Other commentators chimed in with supportive messages. Someone wrote that most people would benefit from doing a stint at a fast-food restaurant because it helps you appreciate what those in the industry go through on an everyday basis. Meanwhile, another Reddit user wrote that while it's tough in the beginning, it definitely gets easier and teaches you plenty of useful skills that'll stay with you for life. 

Also, fast-food workers often find ways to beat stress and make sure that they're having a good time on the job. TikTok users are currently raving about a video that features two Domino's employees on a break.

Their dance moves are incredible

Two Domino's employees decided to make the most of their break at work and ended up dancing together. They were pretty good, to be honest. TikTok users were especially pleased by the video clip and couldn't get enough. The text at the beginning of the clip was hilarious. "This is why your pizza's late," it read. It's hard to complain, though. Their moves were that good! They were totally in sync as they pulled off an impressive dance routine with their colleagues cheering them on.

This isn't the first time for Domino's. In June of this year, Domino's even encouraged its fans to post dance clips of their own. As per The Drum, the company brought back one of its infamous mascots, the Noid, for a funky dance challenge. Fans were asked to post dance clips of their own against the fast-food villain from the 1980s. So much fun!