Yuengling Is Officially Bringing Back Its Hershey's Chocolate Beer

Yuengling fans might remember that the beer company originally partnered with candy giant Hershey's in 2019 to make and release a chocolate porter that's since been available in limited quantities over the past couple of years. Fortunately, for those that have loved it, the drink that combines two Pennsylvania legacy brands will be returning for its third year in a row according to a press release – and right in time for Halloween season. As of September 27, the Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter is now available both in bottles and on draft in 22 states, which can be located through Yuengling's "Find Our Beer" tool, while supplies last.

"It's year three of the most epic chocolate and beer collaboration, and this year we're combining the return of the Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter with our favorite holiday, Halloween," said Ernie Savo, senior director of global licensing at The Hershey Company. And since this chocolate beer is arriving just in time to get in a spooky mood, it perfectly wraps up two of the season's tastiest treats in one neat package. "[It] couldn't be a better time to kick off the haunted, candy-filled season and continue to celebrate this one-of-kind chocolate brew," Savo added. Coming in at 4.7% ABV, the beer is a tasty combination of Yuengling's Dark Brewed Porter (a 200-year-old recipe) and Hershey's world-famous chocolate along with hints of caramel and dark malts. According to the beer brand, it pairs great with cheese, barbecue, and yes even desserts.

Yuengling is throwing a "Scary Delicious Tour" to celebrate

While the beer itself might not be a new flavor — when you have a hit, why mess with it? — Yuengling is in fact adding a new component to the launch of the limited-time chocolate porter that's perfect for the Halloween season. This year, the beer company is hitting the road on a "Scary Delicious Tour" (via PR Newswire). 

Starting October 1, fans can vote for their favorite haunted spots in Pennsylvania, and those old enough to partake can follow Yuengling's social media to take a guess and find out where the beer truck will pop up next during its trip across the state. Those who guess correctly will get a first taste of the beer, and those that can get to the truck when it stops nearby will have plenty of spooky fun to look forward to as well. Even better, a few lucky Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter fans will also be surprised with a special delivery to their homes.

So, keep an eye out for the special brew and stay updated on social media to follow the beer truck's tour. With a Beer Advocate rating of 87, this definitely isn't a special edition porter you'll want to miss.