The Big Problem Trader Joe's Fans Have With Its Cinnamon Bun Cookies

Ah, good ol' Trader Joe's. With around 500 locations across the United States (via Statista), this grocery store chain known for its affordable, often health-conscious food selection and cult offerings, including its Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend and the Cauliflower Gnocchi, is a favored destination for food lovers of all stripes. Frequently adding new products to their shelves, fridges, and freezer cases (via Buzzfeed), Trader Joe's locations can sometimes seem to offer too much of a good thing. After all, it's hard to keep up with all their products — whether they're tasty or not!

For that reason, we love following Trader Joe's List, an active Instagram account that regularly posts new and exciting TJ's offerings, or hot sales we need to know about. The comments sections of these posts can be a great way to get a snapshot of how shoppers feel about the item in question — and to gauge whether we want to buy it or not. And, after seeing a recent post about the store's Cinnamon Bun Cookies, we're left feeling undecided about that very question.

The Trader Joe's cookies were reportedly already pulled from shelves

Yesterday, the popular Instagram account Trader Joe's List posted an image of a box of tasty-sounding cookies. Cinnamon Bun Cookies are "soft-baked cinnamon [and] brown sugar cookies sandwiching a cinnamon bun flavored cream filling," according to the package, and, wow, how could you go wrong? "These were a big hit last year and I'd write some lengthy bit on how delicious these [cookies] are but [Trader Joe's] did a superb job explaining the [cinnamon bun] flavor profile via the description on the box," the post's caption read.

At $2.99 for 12 cookies, it sounds like a steal. But commenters on the post were quick to allege that the cookies had already pulled from shelves. "These were actually just pulled off of sale due to quality issues. They're ok to consume but they were sticking together and kind of mushy," wrote @jhenderson1044. "[That's] exactly my experience. Small, all stuck together. Gummy. Not good," @pineapple_and_coconut agreed. A third person said they were "disappointed' and wished "they put more of a vanilla frosting in the middle."

It seems like the verdict is in: This batch of cinnamon cookies isn't worth our dough. All the more to spend on tried-and-true TJ's sweets like their Hold the Cone! vanilla ice cream cones!