Dollar Tree Might Be Losing Its Dollar Store Status. Here's Why

If you're shopping on a budget, there are plenty of cheap and easy recipes that your whole family will love, and there are also lots of ways to eat healthy while also saving money. But wondering where to shop for food while cooking on a budget?

Aldi is a great option for a chain grocery store, and you can also stop by the Dollar Tree to pick up some essentials. There are some Dollar Tree foods we wouldn't recommend, but there's a huge benefit to picking up some groceries at Dollar Tree: Everything's a dollar!

Unfortunately, it looks like that will be changing soon. According to Bloomberg, Dollar Tree will be raising its prices soon from the iconic $1. In a statement to Bloomberg, the CEO of Dollar Tree, Michael Witynski said that the price increase will mean new products in stores and the company will be able to "meet more of our customers' everyday needs."

How much will Dollar Tree items cost?

Although it is disappointing to see that Dollar Tree will no longer be filled with $1 products, the prices are not going to be skyrocketing. According to USA Today, some Dollar Tree stores in the United States and Canada have already raised prices while testing higher price points two years ago, so this might not be completely new for everyone. But if your local Dollar Tree hasn't increased prices yet, you can expect to see items that are also $3 or $5 based on USA Today's reporting.

Bloomberg noted that Dollar Tree Plus stores have already been putting products on shelves that are $3 or $5, and Dollar Tree will be expanding their Plus stores throughout the year. According to Bloomberg, the company also plans on opening more Dollar Tree Combo stores, which is a joint store with Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.