Nabisco Has Huge News For Fans Of Oreo Cakesters

When Nabisco released the original Oreo Cakester, fans couldn't get enough of this delicious snack. According to Spoon University, these cookie-flavored cakes came with an original Oreo flavor, in addition to Double Stuffed, Golden Oreos, Chocolate and Peanut Butter varieties. While these items disappeared 10 years ago, anyone looking for a nostalgic blast to the past can take heart in knowing that Nabisco plans to bring back this iconic treat.

Per Chewboom, the tasty snacks are set to hit shelves once again in 2022 with the new version being offered in classic Oreo form, with two chocolate cakes on either side of a delicious creme filling. If you loved the flavors beyond the original Oreo Cakester, you might have to wait a bit for the product to take off to see the return of the Golden Oreo or Double Stuffed variety. While Nabisco doesn't plan to release a Peanut Butter Oreo Cakester at this time, they are planning to ship out an all-new Nutter Butter Cakester with the original Oreo version.

How to get your hands on the new Oreo Cakester

If you just can't wait for the return of the Oreo Cakester in 2022, you might have the chance to sample the product before the snack officially hits shelves. According to Thrillist, Nabisco plans to keep the Cakester around for good and excited fans who want first dibs can follow Oreo's social media channels for competitions and promotions that intend to get everyone amped up for its return.

While there's no word yet on when the company plans to announce the promotions, you can keep your fingers crossed that it happens sooner rather than later and hold out for the unique taste that this timeless snack can deliver. Anyone who has fond memories of Cakesters should make sure to keep their eyes peeled and start getting excited for this take on a whoopie pie with the classic taste of Oreos. Just make sure to stock up when you can because this product could prove popular with nostalgic fans and you don't want to get left behind when it launches.