The Burger King Comfort Dish You Can Only Get In Canada

No matter if it's the classic Whopper or just a 99 cent bag of chicken nuggets, you're bound to find something for any fast-food fan at Burger King. With victories like the popularity of the Impossible Whopper to a few questionable choices like their revamped French fries, the King seems to always be on the search for new products to add to his royal menu. Just like their rivals, the chain also has items found exclusively on menus outside of the United States.

While some of these products may lean on the deliciously outrageous, such as German's Bacon Lover's burger, which features bacon bits in its bun (via BrandEating), Burger King offers one product that leans away from the tired-and-true world of flame-broiled burgers and more into the world of classic, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food. If you're ever lucky enough to find yourself at a Burger King in Canada, and you're in the mood for some warm, savory, cheesy comfort, it's recommended you try the King's poutine.

Burger King's unique take on poutine

For those who may have never heard of poutine before, poutine is a Quebec-born dish consisting of crispy French fries and melty cheese curds, smothered in thick and savory gravy. While the exact origin story of this savory dish is still up for debate, what's not up for debate is how popular this snack is, having fans all around the world (via LaBanquise). 

Always the innovator, Burger King decided to take this popular comfort food and add their own "royal" twists to it. Via QSR, there are three takes on poutine one can choose from: the Classic Poutine, Poutine with Bacon, and the Angry Poutine. Classic Poutine is the original combination of fries, cheese, and gravy, while Poutine with Bacon adds a generous sprinkling of crispy bacon on top of the rivers of gravy and cheese curds. The Angry Poutine, based off the Angry Whopper, adds jalapeño peppers, fried onions, and Angry Sauce to the mix. 

Burger King isn't the only fast-food joint that offers our northern neighbor their own take on poutine — both Wendy's and McDonald's serve poutine exclusively in Canada. If poutine from a drive-thru window isn't your main choice, however, there's plenty of other places to try out this delicious Canadian comfort food for yourself (via TasteAtlas).