This Pumpkin Almond Creamer Has Aldi Shoppers Divided

One eager Aldi shopper was holding out hope that a negative review they had seen about the store's pumpkin spice almond milk coffee creamer was overstated. Alas, when they poured some into their coffee and it curdled, all bets were off. The disappointed shopper, who goes by u/ditalupita on Reddit, declared, "The Aldi brand pumpkin almond creamer is disgusting. ... I'll stick with Silk creamer bc I've never had this issue," along with a photo of their lumpy cup of java. Fellow Redditor u/industrial_work empathized: "I feel your pain, so awful. I threw it down the sink."

Other commenters attempted to explain the curdling phenomenon. "The curdling tends to happen with Almond creamers in coffee due to heat and acidity," u/Bpt95 wrote. "I assume if you let the coffee cool some first it might not happen but I'm not sure. Doesn't mean the creamer was spoiled though as some suggest."

They might be onto something. According to Coffee Cherish, combining cold almond milk with hot coffee can, indeed, lead to curdling. As long as the almond milk itself is not spoiled or past its expiration date, it's perfectly fine (albeit not all that aesthetically pleasing) to consume. To avoid curdling, Baking Kneads offers a few workarounds. First, consider letting your coffee cool to around 104 degrees. If you prefer your coffee hotter, you can pour the almond milk into your mug first, then slowly add the hot coffee to allow the almond milk to heat more gradually. Finally, try a less acidic coffee.

Aldi has more than one pumpkin spice coffee creamer

While Redditors continue to debate the merits of Aldi's Friendly Farms Pumpkin Spice Almondmilk Creamer, the conversation on Instagram is instead centered on the grocer's Barissimmo Coffee Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer. Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds shared a photo of the dairy creamer along with Aldi's other seasonal pumpkin spice coffee products.

A number of commenters vowed to add the limited-time autumnal creamer to their shopping list, while others expressed frustration at not being to find it in their local Aldi. Here's a hint: "This was the very last bottle left on the shelf," @aldifavoritefinds shared on their post. "Good news is it is a seasonal item so they will restock!" The creamer was also placed in the refrigerated Aldi Finds section of the store, they added, so be sure to look for it there instead of only with the other coffee creamers. That way, you can try commenters' tips to enjoy the festive creamer not only in your coffee, but also in hot chocolate.