The Dish CNN Anchor Abby Phillip Cooked While Actively In Labor

You'll find all sorts of advice out there on how to keep busy while expecting a baby, especially when your due date has come and gone. Expectant mothers are advised to try everything from exercising to eating spicy food to help naturally induce labor and bring their child safely into the world (via Healthline). Abby Phillip, a journalist, political correspondent, and weekend anchor for CNN, did what just about every working mom does best while going into labor with her first child: she multitasked.

Holding down a full-time job, especially a career as demanding as Phillip's, while raising a family is no easy feat. This lifestyle requires keeping lots of different balls in the air, a skill Phillip no doubt called upon as she cooked a meal for her family while actively in labor.

Phillip and her husband Marcus Richardson had been eagerly anticipating the birth of their daughter, but the baby had other plans. "The night I went into labor, Naomi was 10 days late. So I was like, 'When is this baby coming? Oh my God.' I'm a big believer that babies come when they need to come, but I was like, 'Come on, girl, we've got to get out of here," she recalled to People.

The couple had to find ways to pass the hours while waiting for the baby to arrive, so Phillip embraced spending time with her family. But just as she was beginning to prepare dinner for herself, her husband, and her parents, her contractions began.

Phillip prepared a 'sausage dish' while in labor

Rather than drop everything in the kitchen sink once her labor started, Phillip decided to finish preparing the meal. "My parents were here and I got into labor and I was like, 'Oh, well I guess I got to cook dinner,'" she recounted to People, adding that she "cooked dinner through the first contractions" until "things really going and we were like, 'Okay let's do this.'"

With everything happening, the dinner wasn't exactly the first thing on Phillip's mind. She recalled not even being sure what the meal was, other than some kind of "sausage dish," explaining, "I don't know if it was polenta or something else, but I just tried to cook it as quickly as possible and just put it together so I could have something to eat."

Phillip opted for a home delivery, so she didn't have to race to the hospital. Several hours later, the couple welcomed their baby daughter into the world. "Marcus and I are so happy to announce that the Naomi Angelina Richardson arrived bright and early on Monday morning perfectly happy, healthy and ready to eat," she said in a statement.