Hi-Chew Fans Need To Know About This Halloween Cookie Collab

Hi-Chews were introduced to the U.S market just over a decade ago, and the world hasn't been the same since. While the fruity candies might be relatively new to Americans, they've been around since 1956. The "immensely fruit, intensely chewy," and oh-so-delicious sweets were invented in Japan by Morinaga & Co., the country's very first candy company (via Hi-Chew). Since their American debut, the candy brand has garnered a loyal fanbase, which even includes A-list celebrities like Ryan Gosling, John Mayer, and Macklemore (via Forbes). To keep up with increasing demand, Hi-Chew finally opened an American factory in Mebane, North Carolina.

The Japanese candy comes in a wide range of flavors, from classic creations like green apple and strawberry to more unique varieties such as kiwi, dragon fruit, and acai. And that's just in the United States. Hi-Chew produces a staggering 200 flavors worldwide, but only 22 can be found in the United States. The latest addition to the long list of tasty flavors is none other than raspberry. According to People, the new flavor was first released in the Hi-Chew Berry Mix bag earlier this year. To celebrate this exciting flavor debut, the beloved candy brand is partnering with Zola Bakes to create a new tasty concoction just in time for Halloween. And trust us, no collab has ever tasted so, so sweet. 

All of your Halloween dreams just came true

Founded by Samantha Zola, Zola Bakes is a New York City-based company famous for their sparkly and superior rainbow cookies. With Halloween only a short month away, this beloved baked goods company is branching out from its renowned rainbow cookies and partnering with Hi-Chew on a new spooky sweet treat: a Hi-Chew x Zola Bakes Halloween Box filled with mouthwatering limited-edition cookies (via People). Rather than reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, these one-of-a-kind cookies are a vibrant red and orange ombré filled with raspberry jam layers and topped with chocolate. The wickedly cool cookies are also coated with festive Halloween decorations, including jack o' lanterns and mummies.

"I am a huge fan of Hi-Chew and was thrilled by the opportunity to design a custom Halloween box with their new Raspberry flavor," said Zola in a press release with PR Newswire. "When I started Zola Bakes, I was on a mission to give the rainbow cookie a millennial make-over. A collaboration with Hi-Chew for the most candy-obsessed holiday is the perfect way to accomplish just that."

These beautiful boxes are filled with sweet treats perfect for Halloween, while also doubling as the ultimate centerpiece for any Halloween festivity. After all, the only thing better than a cauldron of Hi-Chews is a box of Hi-Chew-flavored rainbow cookies. Hi-Chew x Zola Bakes Halloween Boxes will be available for the month of October, and can be purchased on the Zola Bakes website for $56.