Giada De Laurentiis Fans Are Seriously Impressed With Her Coffee Maker

Technology has done a lot for us in the last 20 years, especially when it comes to automated kitchen appliances. From pasta and pizza makers to handheld immersion blenders, there's not an appliance out there that hasn't been made automatic (and ultimately made life so much easier).

One of the greatest achievements we've seen, especially those of us that are caffeine connoisseurs, is with the advancements of coffee machines. Everything on the market, from single-cup Keurigs to full-on espresso machines, are now available at the click of a button (or even just down the road at your local coffeehouse). And while a lot of the larger machines that have all the bells and whistles certainly cost a pretty penny, you might be surprised to know that some of the technology available is still relatively under budget.

We also always love a good aesthetic, which coffee brewing often lends itself to, especially when you've got the right gadgets. And Giada De Laurentiis knows exactly what's up in that department. As seen on Instagram, her fans are obsessed with her coffeemaker.

Giada De Laurentiis' coffee maker is super fancy and fans are obsessed with it

You might be living under a rock if you haven't yet come across some beautiful, sunlit TikTok video or Instagram reel of someone pouring a picturesque cup of coffee. It's the kind of content that fuels all of our caffeine dreams. Instagrammer @AC_HomeCafe, for example, gets the milk-to-coffee ratio just right in her videos and makes your mouth water for some good ol' espresso.

Giada De Laurentiis channels the same energy in her latest Instagram post, celebrating National Coffee Day – the video shows her brewing a small cup of espresso. Except for the fact that her coffee machine is like, seriously legit — and fans are taking notice.

The video shows De Laurentiis opening a drawer and selecting an espresso cup from a variety of options, then placing it in a very high-tech-looking espresso machine that appears to be built into her kitchen wall. The video ends with the chef's signature smile as she takes a sip.

Users took to the comment section to make note of the bougie machine, saying they admire the cup drawer and want a built-in machine just like Giada's. "Very dashing," said one follower. One person even points out that the machine, by the brand Miele, "costs more than most people's cars." Others followed up saying the gadget is typically priced at around $4-5,000. That's some serious cheddar for a good cup of coffee, but we'd definitely take it if we could.