Why Nadiya Hussain Feels Like She Doesn't Fit In The Food Industry

Nadiya Hussain didn't realize her life would change after her husband encouraged her to apply to "The Great British Bake Off." According to her website, she initially resisted, but changed her mind when he encouraged her to give it a shot. Hussain writes, "I entered Bake Off because he was right. I had lost myself in the madness that is life, I was everything, a daughter, a sister, a wife a mother but I still was nowhere near finding me."

However, she did not feel confident and wondered whether she would even make it through the challenges on the show. To her surprise, she did and managed to win the season. Hussain has achieved a lot since then: making more television appearances, writing cookbooks, and conquering her fears. She adds, "I am a firm believer that nothing is forever. I want to believe I will do this forever. But for every day that I do it I will treat it like it's my last, with gumption, with energy and with love."

Additionally, despite being so skilled and talented, Hussain has felt that she does not actually fit in with the culinary industry, something that she's spoken about openly.

Nadiya Hussain hasn't always been at ease

According to PopSugar, being a part of the food business has not always been a smooth ride for Nadiya Hussain. She said in a candid confession, "Ultimately, I work in an industry that I haven't always felt comfortable in. And even to this day, I don't always feel like I fit in." What works for the chef is acknowledging it and moving forward despite her doubts. She explained that she has been a huge believer in not just "climbing the ladder, but also holding the ladder for other people to climb too."

Also, Hussain told The Guardian that she never really could spot anyone who was like her on TV as a child. Diversity wasn't prevalent in the food industry back then and this had an impact on Hussain, who admitted that part of her wanted to simply "blend in" and be like her peers. She added that she knew this wasn't possible. She also said, "I've come to the conclusion that, rather than trying to blend in, I'm going to create space."