Andrew Zimmern Can't Get Enough Of This Surprising Food

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern is highly passionate about food. Despite being known for experimenting with all kinds of food items on "Bizarre Foods," the chef has his list of likes and dislikes just like the rest of us. According to The Travel, one of the dishes that he simply can't stand is a particular type of canned fish from Sweden called surstromming. The smell is far too strong for him. He said, "The smell is comparable to the worst dumpster juice you can possibly imagine with a little mermaid aroma thrown on top."

He's also wary of the durian fruit. He tried it, but was unable to warm up to it. He thinks that others might end up loving the fruit as long as they can ignore the way it looks and smells. On the other hand, Zimmern would definitely opt for unusual food picks, such as pork brain tacos from Mexico or fried tarantulas, a delicacy in certain parts of Cambodia. Phew! When it comes to one of his all-time favorite foods, however, it's a simple and reliable pick.

Andrew Zimmern loves mussels

Andrew Zimmern finds it difficult to say no to a bowl of mussels. According to First We Feast, he has been into them since he was a child and would love feasting on mussels during the summer. He has fond memories of cooking mussels with his family on the beach. They would use ingredients such as shallots, white wine, and parsley for the meal and eat crusty bread as a side dish.

This was a defining time for Zimmern. He said, "It opened my eyes early on, the idea that you could forage in nature, that food was a broad and expansive group and not just found in the supermarket." This became an advantage for Zimmern when he started working as a professional cook and had to embrace food items from a plethora of cultures. He said that he has fallen ill on account of eating mussels at times, but that's OK. He would still have them for breakfast without batting an eyelid. Such dedication!