The Harsh Way Gordon Ramsay Once Forced Contestants To Apologize On Hell's Kitchen

As much as Gordon Ramsay is known for his Michelin-quality food, he's also infamous for his insults and harsh judging skills. If a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen" or "MasterChef" does something out of line, they risk elimination, or worse, being called an "idiot sandwich." Of course, even though the now-iconic "idiot sandwich" line technically came from a skit he did on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" (via BuzzFeed), Ramsay's conduct in the kitchen still gets pretty intense. The celebrity chef takes the restaurant business very seriously, and despite the fact that "Hell's Kitchen" is a cooking competition made for television, there are also actual customers being served. And Ramsay doesn't mess around when it comes to customer service.

One such occasion took place during Season 9 Episode 3 of "Hell's Kitchen" (via ScreenRant), in which the red team is tasked with making dinner on family night. It ended in an absolute fail, prompting Ramsay to force the contestants to go up to each table and personally apologize to every single customer that hadn't been served their meal. The unforgiving chef berated the team, telling the contestants, "That was the first useful thing you have done tonight. It's also the last! Get out of here, all of you. And hang your heads in shame, because you absolutely suck!"

Gordon Ramsay also brutally defends his chefs

Gordon Ramsay certainly yells at his chefs a lot, but for the most part, the profanity stays behind closed kitchen doors. However, that doesn't mean that he won't give his restaurants' customers a piece of his mind from time to time if necessary, because in Ramsay's case, the saying "the customer is always right" doesn't apply to every situation.

According to the voiceover in one "Hell's Kitchen" episode (via YouTube), "Nothing upsets Chef Ramsay more than when customers come to the kitchen." And as the clip demonstrates, he doesn't tolerate entitled diners or rude complaints. He seemed perfectly willing to dole out insults to customers in order to defend his chefs. Whether it be the customers or the contestants, Ramsay is fiercely honest across the board. His main priority is serving good food, and if it means he thinks a situation calls for doing a little (or a lot) of cussing, he clearly has no problem doing so.