Out Of Martha Stewart Shows, This One Was The Biggest Flop

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart is a culinary legend who has motivated many home cooks over the years with her work. According to Biography, she first achieved recognition for her work as a cookbook author before she gave television a shot. Interestingly, she's self-taught and picked up tips and tricks from Julia Child's book, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," before she worked on her catering company.

It didn't take too long for Stewart to make her presence felt thanks to her talent. All these years later, Stewart knows that she has what it takes to be a legend in the competitive industry. She told People, "I have survived the rigors of time, of marriage, of childbearing, of building a business from scratch. I have survived very nicely, and I think I make the most of it."

Despite the fact that she has been immensely successful, Stewart has had her share of flops and roadblocks. According to some of her fans, there's one show from Stewart that didn't work at all.

Fans aren't too pleased with Chopped: Martha Rules

As per several Redditors, "Chopped: Martha Rules" failed to make an impression. A displeased viewer wrote that they were particularly irritated about the show's format, which was confusing to them. They wrote, "This show is about Martha Stewart's ability to confuse the chefs and audience. Once the basket is opened, the chefs start a meal based on their creativity." They added that Stewart makes the chefs switch their stations a couple of times, which makes it likely that some lucky participant can end up with someone else's lovely meal.

Another viewer noted that they thought Martha Stewart was rather rude in this edition of the show. In another Reddit thread, a viewer said that they couldn't bear watching Stewart on "Chopped: Martha Rules." In fact, they said that they'll stay away from the show until Stewart's portion is finished. Another commentator wrote, "Sometimes I enjoy Martha, sometimes I don't. I guess I don't really want to spend an hour watching Martha Stewart be rude to chefs, which seems to be the main theme for this series." Ouch.