The One Grocery Store Item Lisa Vanderpump Can't Live Without

While you might wonder what items make their way into the grocery carts of celebrities and famous chefs alike, there's one restaurateur who always has to pick up one item that many people can likely relate to. Lisa Vanderpump, an English food and drink entrepreneur as well as a reality television star, even has a list of things she always buys for herself when she goes to the grocery store.

According to New York Magazine, Vanderpump can't leave the grocery store without a box of PG Tips black tea along with a smattering of cleaning supplies and air fresheners. But the one indulgence she always picks up is Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars. "I probably eat a bar a day. I pick at it — I'll have a couple of squares here and there, and by the end of the day, the bar will be gone," Vanderpump said.

No other kind of chocolate will do

If Lisa Vanderpump finds herself outside of the United Kingdom in a country like the United States, you won't see her buying a bar of Hershey's. "I don't like American chocolate. I only like English chocolate, and this is authentically English," she said (via New York Magazine). And when Vanderpump does add the delicious milk chocolate to her grocery cart, she doesn't skimp and buy just one bar — she goes all-in. However, the type of chocolate bar might vary from time to time. "Sometimes I get it with fruit and nuts, but not very often. The basic chocolate is the best," she said. "If you open my fridge, you will see a huge stack of Cadbury chocolate. I've never bought just one bar; it will be at least 10 at a time," she added.

Clearly, Cadbury Dairy's Milk chocolate bar is something to try if you haven't already experienced it. When something is so good that a professional restaurateur seemingly buys it in bulk, you know it must be worth indulging in.