39% Agree This Is The Worst Non-Chocolate Candy To Give Out On Halloween

What are you planning on giving out to trick-or-treaters this year? If the answer is "nothing," better be sure to have the porch light off, and don't watch TV in the front room either (your curtains probably aren't as opaque as you think). If you've already got a teal-painted pumpkin on your porch and you're scouting out the best non-food treats so that even the kids with food allergies can have a happy Halloween, well, good for you! Here's hoping that everyone follows this trend in years to come since no kid should be left out of holiday fun.

If you are going to be giving out candy, there's one basic role to follow: make it chocolate. Always give out chocolate. Or at least Sour Patch Kids or Skittles -– you know, those fruit-flavored candies that people actually like. (Warheads are cool, too.) Whatever you do, do not give out those nasty old-timey candies that the candy industry seems to dump out at this time of year for reasons unbeknownst to everyone. Since it doesn't make any sense that they'd still be producing candies that haven't been popular since 1972 (or 1882), we suspect they may just be clearing out decades-only inventory ... Anyway, Mashed recently did a survey to determine which of these Halloween candies was hated the most: Bit-O-Honey, candy corn, Good & Plenty, Necco Wafers, Pixy Stix, Smarties, or Wax Lips. 619 respondents shared their opinions on which candy was the worst of the worst.

Wax lips are universally despised

Not surprisingly, the least loathed of these candies was Pixy Stix. They're kind of fun to eat, and their hint of tang makes them basically the predecessor of the super-sour candies that gained traction during the current millennium. Less than 4% said no to the Stix. Somewhat more of a puzzler was the fact that just over 4% didn't care for Smarties, since the only thing these chalky little discs have going for them is that you get a whole (tiny) roll of them. Hard to chew, perpetually stale Bit-O-Honeys fared slightly worse, despised by over 6% of our poll respondents, while licorice-flavored Good & Plenty was loathed by close to 10%. Necco Wafers, unsuccessfully posing as candy for over 170 years, were the un-favorite of nearly 12%, while to no one's surprise, over 25% gave a sticky thumbs-down to candy corn, the way-too-sugary treat we all love to hate.

The biggest loser, however, was something that not only isn't remotely candy-like, but isn't even food: the dreaded wax lips, hated by nearly 40% of the people we polled. No surprise there! Why would you want to put something mouth-shaped in your mouth, much less something made of wax? You might as well just chew on a candle. So if you were planning on giving these out on Halloween, you might as well do everyone a favor and put out the porch light instead.