These Are Marcus Samuelsson's Go-To Ingredients When Cooking At Home

Renowned celebrity chef and TV personality Marcus Samuelsson was interested in cooking when he was a child and started working on his culinary skills at home. Per The Washington Post, one of his greatest sources of inspiration was his grandmother. He cooked with her often and made jams and desserts such as the Swedish apple cake (via Embroker).

When he was sure about building a career in the culinary industry, he worked hard and lived in several countries around the world such as France, Japan, and Switzerland. Despite being a celebrity chef, cooking for Samuelsson is still about connecting with those around him. He told Food Sided that he often cooks with his son, and said, "that ability to cook with someone in your family helps to keep the old and new moving forward." As far as cooking is concerned, there are some simple ingredients that the chef often relies on to make his dishes more flavorful.

Two specific ingredient choices

Marcus Samuelsson is a huge fan of hot sauce, per Tasty. He always makes it a point to pick up a bottle of local hot sauce whenever he's traveling. Well, this is a reasonable point. Hot sauce has a lot going for it thanks to its versatility. "You can add it to meat obviously, but you can also mix it in salad dressings, it's great on eggs, and many things," the chef said.

Samuelsson also ensures that he always has pickled vegetables on him. He reckons that they go well with many dishes such as fried chicken, salads, meatballs, and salmon. Two solid ingredients to keep in your pantry, eh? According to a Food 52 piece, the chef is also partial to other ingredients such as kimchi, coconut milk, miso, and more. "These ingredients will always come in handy when I need to give dishes more depth," he explained.