Costco Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About Noosa's Fall Yogurt Flavors

As the temperature drops and leaves turn from shades of green to vibrant red and orange hues, there's one thing that many foodies look forward to every fall — the release of seasonal products in all the tasty autumnal flavors. One of the latest fall-themed items to hit the shelves is from yogurt brand Noosa, as one Reddit user reported. Costco shoppers are able to pick up a 12-pack of the brand's yogurt, which boasts that it's made with probiotics, no artificial preservatives, and whole milk. Each pack comes with four small tubs each of three different fall flavors — pumpkin, vanilla bean, and salted caramel.

According to Noosa, the pumpkin yogurt is their take on a pumpkin pie, and features a pumpkin puree with warm spices. The salted caramel contains pure honey and caramel with a touch of sea salt to balance the flavor, and the vanilla bean gets its rich vanilla flavor courtesy of real Madagascar vanilla beans. Each 4-ounce pot has about 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein, as well as around 15-16 grams of sugar. The Costco price posted on Reddit was $8.89 for the 12-pack of yogurt, although prices may vary by area.

While the pumpkin flavor in particular received all five-star reviews on the Noosa website, it seems that Costco shoppers aren't quite as convinced about the latest batch of autumnal yogurt flavors.

What Costco shoppers are saying

Within just one day of Reddit user HotMorningCoffeee posting a snap of the Noosa yogurt packs on the shelves at Costco, 45 individuals had already weighed in and shared their opinions in the comments section. Many Reddit users shared their opinions that the product was just too sweet, with one saying, "these should be called frozen dessert due to the amount of added sugar. Yogurt shouldn't be like ice cream." Another user tried the salted caramel flavor and commented that they "wanted to cry because it was too insanely sweet!"

Reddit user ijozypheen had a suggestion for those who may find the yogurt a bit on the sweet side — she explained that her sister-in-law combines Noosa and plain Greek yogurt in a 50/50 ratio before giving the mixture to her children, a hack that would significantly cut down on the sweetness in the yogurt. However, there were a few commenters who didn't seem to find the yogurt too sweet at all, and to the contrary, absolutely loved the flavors. One mentioned that the pumpkin Noosa tastes like pumpkin cheesecake and another added that "vanilla bean and salted caramel are fantastic."

So, if you want to expand your fall yogurt repertoire with this new addition, you may simply have to take the risk — it seems that some consumers absolutely love the sweet treat, while others find the sugar level cloying. It all depends on your personal palate.