Twitter Is In Love With Jürgen From GBBO

We're three episodes into the new season of "Great British Bake Off" on Britain's Channel 4, and fans clearly have a favorite. Jürgen Krauss, a 56-year-old IT professional from Sussex, started strong by earning the Star Baker crown in episodes 1 and 2 (via Women & Home). But Jürgen has endeared himself to GBBO fans with more than just his baking skills. In Episode 2, contestants were tasked with making edible toys. Jürgen explained that he and his brother grew up "very poor" and didn't have a lot of toys. So he made a windmill inspired by the ones his grandfather would make for him when he was growing up in Germany.

Twitter users, including @LeahAgainAgain, were ready with crying gifs in response to Jurgen's story of a toyless childhood. Twitter user "Sarah JB" saw the tears in Leah's tweet and replied, "I've already asked can we adopt him! Got told yes because he can probably cook better than me! The very cheek (but fair)."

Twitter thinks Jürgen from GBBO looks like Winnie the Pooh

What is it about Jürgen Krauss on "Great British Bake Off" that has Twitter falling in love with the German-born baker? Maybe it's the eyebrows and the bashful smile. Several Twitter users, among them @CharlotteGay_, noticed Jürgen's resemblance to lovable cartoon character Winnie the Pooh. Jürgen sounded like Pooh talking about honey in Episode 1, when he said, "My German brain gets active when I make sweet stuff" (via BirminghamLive).

Episode 3 aired on Britain's Channel 4 on October 5, and Jürgen wasn't able to pick up his third straight Star Baker crown. That honor went to another popular contestant named Giuseppe (via Daily Mail). During the third episode, Twitter gave the impression that GBBO judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood had directed some criticisms at fan-favorite Jürgen — and Twitter rose up in his defense. User @karubeliott certainly couldn't taste Jürgen's bread-week effort through the TV screen but still had this to say: "Weird how the judges are wrong and Jürgen's focaccia is perfect."

Another Twitter user was extremely inspired by one of Jürgen's creations in Episode 1: Black Forest gateau mini rolls that reminded Jürgen of his childhood. "I'm saying it here now," Twitter user @NafNaf_97 said. "If my guy Jürgen wins 'Bake Off,' I'll get Winnie the Pooh holding a Black Forrest gateau tattooed on my arse."