The Real Story Of How 'W' And Alton Brown Met On Good Eats

TV personality Alton Brown is rather entertaining to watch. According to The New York Times, Brown was fascinated by the world of food television in the 1990s. He didn't mind acting on a whim and pursued a degree at the New England Culinary Institute. Post that, he hosted the show "Good Eats" on Food Network, inspiring many viewers with his unique content that combined cooking, science, and history. 

It wasn't easy to get "Good Eats" on air in the beginning, though. Brown told The Takeout that he had to wait for more than a year until staff members at the Food Network got around to watching his tape. However, once they saw his potential, they were on board. For Brown, his goal was simple: to make sure that his viewers were having a good time. He explained, "I'm here to keep you watching through commercial breaks. I've always wanted to make a show for the MTV generation."

Also, it's worth mentioning that the show would not be where it is without its entire team. One of them is Vickie Eng, also known as "W," a lady who has appeared many times on the TV show. As per the Television Academy Foundation, Brown said that Eng was a great fit for the role because she seemed to get annoyed with him quickly. Well, this is exactly what the character "W" does on "Good Eats" whenever she bumps into Brown. Ha!

Alton Brown and Vickie Eng's dynamic is 'perfect'

When a fan asked Alton Brown to spill the tea on "W," he obliged with a response on Twitter in July. The chef wrote that he didn't know Vickie Eng before the show. He went on to hilariously add, "she came to audition and I could tell right away that she didn't like me. The dynamic was perfect." Whoops. A fan loved this response and added, "hilarious!"

Eng is really talented, by the way. Brown told the Television Academy Foundation that she is a chiropractor as well. As per Brown, it's been fun including her on the show. "W" really does bring a lot to the table by making "Good Eats" funnier and a lot more entertaining to watch. Fun fact to note: "W" was the only role that the team organized auditions for in the early days. Brown acknowledged that viewers have definitely warmed up to "W" and that she has a fan following of her own.