Reddit Can't Believe This Bizarre DoorDash Order

Heaven must be missing an angel. Do fries go with that shake? Know what's on the menu? Me-N-U. Or not. We've all heard bad pick-up lines. Let's be real. Some of us may have used bad pick-up lines. Some are funny. Most are cringey. And then there's the one that popped up in the instructions section on a DoorDash delivery. "Leave at my door: Keeps [sic] the frosty as a treat for yourself! If your [sic] a girl looking for a nice guy message me in the app for my number. Let's chat lol. If not then you just got yourself a free frosty. Enjoy!!"

Redditor syrxinge posted a screenshot of the message on r/doordash along with caption, "PSA! DD is not a dating website!" This reaction from icecreameatingmfr took the cake, err ... we mean frosty: "Fascinating. The beardae neckius in its natural habitat. Undeterred after numerous failed mating attempts, here you can see it has resorted to ... less conventional methods, actually expending it's [sic] own resources sight unseen, without knowing a single detail about their potential mate. Desperation truly breeds creativity."

Take a chance on love?

The Reddit universe was quick to join the conversation, chalking up almost 400 comments in eight hours. Gogo726 summed up the general consensus, posting, "Someone's gonna get a frosty reception." Others were less circumspect, calling out the customer for what they considered sketchy behavior and maybe less-than-noble intentions. A few delivery-service warriors shared their own cringe-worthy adventures with some even boasting about illicit encounters.

There were verbal eyerolls, like nukleah112, who commented, "When you are tired of men but you are a man." 

There were also shrugs, including one from the original poster, "Unfortunately it happens even in normal jobs." 

Several commenters weighed in with nefarious theories, suggesting the customer's invitation may have been part of a larger scheme. Others gave the person credit for taking a chance on making a connection. "At least he's creative, not like 98% of these characters who only send you a 'hey' to your DMs lol," wrote JOEYMAMI2015

GeovaunnaMD commented, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Just saying. You never know."