Why Gordon Ramsay Wishes You'd Complain More When Eating At Restaurants

In the age of Karens, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to increase the number of complaints people have. From a woman physically standing in the middle of a drive-through at Burger King and causing a traffic jam after falsely complaining that someone cut her off, to another complaining on Yelp that a restaurant should not have deigned to lower its standards of exclusivity in previously catering to the "truly wealthy," complaints seem to be more self-centered than constructive. 

But on the flip side, some criticisms can actually be helpful. Take "Restaurant Impossible," for example, a Food Network show in which criticism is the main goal as a means to help family restaurants turn themselves around and turn profit. And in the case of Gordon Ramsay, criticism often leads to advice on how to fix a problem as well, at least that's what some of his contestants say. So it is no wonder Gordon Ramsay believes people should complain more when they go out to eat. 

All aboard the complain train

While most restaurants might shy away from criticism as they fear it may be at the expense of clientele, Gordon Ramsay welcomes it with open arms. As The Scottish Sun reported, Gordon believes the key to a successful restaurant is treating the customers as "king." He thinks welcoming criticism is key to making sure the customers stay happy, and the restaurant and its chefs continue to improve.

The famous chef's advice was pulled from a Twitter post in which Ramsay encourages followers to "ask the Manager to pay for it !then watch his reaction," in response to a fan question asking what to do when you complain about a food and the manager tries to tell you that you are lying about it. Responses were mixed, with some pointing out that their managers and co-workers need to hear that. Others pointed out that some people who complain are often the worst customers to deal with, but as long as the complaint is truthful and constructive, Ramsay has a point — it can only make the restaurant better.