Reddit Is Losing It Over This Karen's Classist Yelp Complaint

Sites like Yelp have given consumers a way to express their views about the restaurants they dine at, no matter who they are or where they're located. Not everyone is kind with their words, though. As per Reddit, a particular customer called Karen (yes, her name is actually Karen) took things a bit too far by posting a highly classist and inappropriate comment on Yelp about a restaurant she'd recently visited. She wrote that the restaurant's quality has deteriorated over the years and at some point earlier, "it used to be an exclusive restaurant only for the truly wealthy." Jeez.

She went on to add that the eatery now focuses on customers who are middle class and "want to feel special and 'rich.'" She also expressed her displeasure with the fact that patrons can now pay a "mere $50" for their meal, claiming that the restaurant used to cost between $500 and $1,000 per person. Karen concluded her review with, "What a joke, never going back." Reddit users were understandably agitated and had a lot to say.

Redditors were quick to question Karen

The top-rated comment on the Reddit post discussing Karen's Yelp review pretty much hit the bullseye. It read, "Just leave a $1000 tip, if it makes you feel better." Several other commentators pointed out that the wealthiest customers at restaurants can be some of the worst to deal with. "Used to own a restaurant and the worst tippers and most demanding customers were ALWAYS the obviously wealthy ones. They're terrible," one commenter said.

Meanwhile, another annoyed Redditor wrote that if Karen is indeed as rich as she claims to be, she would've purchased the place herself and increased the rates just for laughs. Someone else suggested Karen should get a personal chef. Others theorized that the review is actually fake and has only been added to the website to drum up buzz about the restaurant. 

A wise Redditor added, "Maybe I'm showing some ignorance but it seems a bit of a stretch to have [a] $1000 per person menu and still have an appeal to the market. Very few people can afford that." Not only can few afford that, several savvy commenters noted that even some of the fanciest restaurants in the country cost less than that on average. What's the truth, Karen?