These Halloween Snack Boards Are Haunting TikTok In The Best Way

October doesn't exist. It's just Halloween spread over 31 days. Nowhere is this shown more clearly than on TikTok, which, as In The Know reports, is awash with videos of various Halloween-themed snack boards. In fact, there is an entire hashtag devoted to the genre of Halloween treats.

There are different ways to achieve this. The work of @jensgatheringnest, which is featured as this piece's header image, opts for arranging treats into a recognizable Halloween shape. In this case, a lot of white and dark brown chocolates, coated pretzels, nuts, and donuts imitate the contours of a skull. The board is inherently Halloween-y, meaning that the individual treats do not have to connect to the holiday. Though, you do probably notice the inclusion of ghost snacks anyway.

Another direction is to transform the objects on the board into their own mini-horrors. In @halloweentheme101's video, for example, a shrink-wrapped skull is covered in prosciutto for a skinned head effect. This then could be placed in the middle of a cheese array to transform an otherwise straightforward affair into a Halloween charcuterie. 

Making your own Halloween board

Of course, all this talk of Halloween snack boards may inspire you to tackle one. If you want tips for conjuring your perfect festive board, the internet is brimming with tips and advice.

CuterTudor starts with solid, straightforward suggestions. Choose colorful foods to fit the theme of the holiday, they suggest. So, orange, green, and black might be the primary colors for a plate, unless you are going for a ghost and bone look or a really fleshy one. Similarly, if you have fruit, dump it in white chocolate and add chocolate chip eyes. Then, you already have your ghosts. For a more decorative focus, The Pioneer Woman blog consulted Danielle Green, creator of the blog The Creative Bite. "Eyeballs are an absolute must for any Halloween board," Green insists. "Whether you opt for candy eyeballs or large rubber ones, they add a huge impact."

Even with these two pieces of advice, however, the main point is to get into the spirit of Halloween. There will always be lots of tips, but really, you should just have fun with it.