This Taco Bell First Date Horror Story Has TikTok Cracking Up

While many young daters encounter mild horror stories in their pursuit of love, one TikTok user may have taken the cake — or, rather, the taco — when it comes to bad first date stories. In a nearly three-minute video posted to the social media platform, TikToker Elyse Myers shared a twisting tale about a first date gone hilariously wrong. She begins her post with, "I haven't been to a Taco Bell since" — and in due time, we find out why.

Myers dove into her story of a romantic meetup gone terribly wrong, beginning with accepting a dinner date from a man she met on a dating app and then driving 45 minutes to meet him at his house. From there, things take a comical turn when the man asks her to drive to a local Taco Bell and proceeds to make a shocking request at the drive-thru window for 100 hard shell tacos. Yes, 100. On top of being taken aback by the massive order, Myers was then asked to foot the bill for the tacos — which she claimed in a follow-up video cost around $149 and took 15 minutes to prepare.

Continuing her story, Myers recalled that, after purchasing the super-sized meal, she and the man returned to his home where his dad also lived. Her date then splayed the taco bounty across the dining room table and yelled, "LET'S FEAST!" After a while of growing increasingly uncomfortable, Myers decided to ditch the date and took all the remaining uneaten tacos with her on her way out in a bold move.

The story of the terrible taco date has gone viral on TikTok

The TikToker's hilarious account of this truly odd encounter instantly went viral, racking up nearly 15 million views and 2.4 million likes. Striking a nerve with Taco Bell fans and struggling singles alike, Elyse Myer's video has also received more than 43,000 comments from horrified followers. User @lizzwit2zs took issue with the taco choice itself, commenting, "The red flag for me is hard shell tacos, it's soft shell or nothing." Even the dating app Tinder got in on the comments, saying, "Ok, as Tinder I've heard A LOT of bad dating stories but as of [today] this one is top 10."

Some applauded Myers' boldness in taking the tacos with her, like user @Jaxth3cat who commented, "I'm so happy you took your tacos with you. You may have been going with the flow in the beginning, but by the end your priorities were good." Others offered conspiracy theories about the odd encounter, with @Grabnarthewanderer writing, "Plot twist: He mistook the dating app for UberEats, and was too embarrassed to say anything."

In yet another follow-up video answering some of the pressing questions about the memorable date, Myers answered the one on every taco lover's mind: What did she do with the food? "You better believe I ate all 94 of those soggy boys," she said. Well done, Elyse, well done.