The Biggest Arguments On Restaurant: Impossible, According To Robert Irvine

"Restaurant: Impossible" takes its viewers on a rollercoaster ride as they watch Robert Irvine and his team work with a struggling eatery and try to revamp it. As per the Food Network, it's tough to avoid conflicts on the show at times, and things can get really out of hand. Some restaurant owners end up having bad arguments with Irvine when he comes with suggestions to renovate their businesses.

Some owners have gone as far as to insist that Irvine wanted to sabotage their entire operation. However, Irvine doesn't usually back down, as he and his team focus on making the restaurants bigger and better for customers. A person who claimed to have been featured on the show wrote on Reddit that they didn't like Irvine and thought he was super rude. "We actually got into a huge fight with him right before the reveal, my mom, brother, and dad all told him to leave and we didn't want to film anymore...," they wrote. They added that the show's producers and crew members are really nice to work with. 

According to Irvine, there was one particular fight that beat all the others on "Restaurant: Impossible." He shared his thoughts in a conversation with the Food Network (via Twitter).

Things can get really ugly

Robert Irvine told the Food Network that he's gotten into some really sticky situations in the past on "Restaurant: Impossible" (via Twitter). He said, "I mean, I've gone over the past 10 years from people punching me, kicking me." He added that he does understand where it comes from. No one wants to be told that whatever they've been working on is bad and that the quality of the food is terrible. More often than not, many of these restaurants lack strong leaders, which adds to the frustration. 

Irvine recalled one particular 2019 episode that was rather explosive. It involved an eatery called Filomena's Italian Kitchen & Market in California. Irvine recalled that the restaurant's co-owner, Linda Johnsen, shut the door in his face. Linda wasn't happy with the way things were going during the revamp and argued several times with Irvine (via Los Angeles Times). Fortunately, Johnsen and her husband changed their minds (they were described as "ecstatic") after Irvine's team was done with the renovation.