Why Robert Irvine's New Restaurant: Impossible Project May Actually Be Impossible

Robert Irvine is back at it, saving restaurants that have fallen into disrepair, one kitchen at a time. Filming for the new season of "Restaurant: Impossible" is underway and the British chef has taken to social media to tell his followers all about it. If you are unfamiliar with this reality cooking show, Irvine, in short, takes the filthiest, dirtiest, and most dysfunctional restaurants and helps turn them around in record time. (Seriously, the clock is ticking.) We aren't sure how he does it, but he always seems to pull off, well, the impossible.

In an interview with Spark, the cookbook author and restaurant renovation magician shared, "You need to care about every aspect of the customer experience: not just the food, but the décor, atmosphere, cleanliness, service, speed and on and on. And today when you slip, not only do you lose customers, but they multiply that loss by hitting you with bad reviews on Yelp and social media. The margin for error is smaller now, as it probably should be." 

Well, Irvine may have met his match with a small eatery in San Diego. The celebrity chef shared with his over 400K followers on Twitter in a bit of a cliffhanger tweet that the restaurant he is currently trying to rescue is the "worst" he has seen and he isn't certain he is going to be able to perform an Irvine miracle.

The restaurant would make you hurl

Robert Irvine shared via Twitter, "Well just finishing a day one of a New @Rest_Imposs in San Diego, 10 miles from the Mexican Border .. OMG this could be the one I don't fix ..we have spend the last 10 hours scrapping grease and dirt of everything. The WORST I HAVE SEEN IN MY 40 years in the food business."  Is this marketing hyperbole to get us to watch the show? If so, it's working. One follower cheekily responded, "Wow!!! Definitely sounds like a MAJOR project. Yuk! Hope you didn't have to eat the food!" To which Irvine replied, "Omg throw up." 

This definitely caused a barf fest to spew, with other tweeters hurling their thoughts into the Twitterverse. One noted, "Wow that's bad coming from you. Hopefully you didn't vomit at all." And still another echoed our own internal sentiments by saying, "@RobertIrvine and @Rest_ImpossI don't want to watch... and yet..." Us, too.

We think Irvine will pull off this restaurant overhaul just in the nick of time, because his MacGyver skills when it comes to go time are just that good. But there's only one way to find out if he does it, and that means popping the popcorn and tuning in. Just try not to dry heave into your bowl.