The Colorful Reason One Bakery Was Forced To Cancel Its Top Seller Has The Internet Baffled

A famous bakery in Leeds is having quite a week, but the steadfast owner has been handling setbacks in a brutally honest and hysterical way. Here's what happened: Get Baked, a local hot spot for cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, and other pastries, was essentially forced to stop making its bestselling raspberry glazed donut cookies. The reason? Basically, the shop was using "illegal" sprinkles.

How did this even happen? And how can sprinkles, those innocent little specks of colored sugar that make everything look and taste like magic, be illegal? Well, according to BBC, owner Rich Myers was contacted by West Yorkshire Trading Standards, which determined that the sprinkles imported from the U.S. contain an artificial coloring that does not abide by U.K. standards. The food coloring, erythrosine, is only approved for use in Europe and the U.K. in cocktail and candied cherries. Apparently, the ingredient — which is totally legal in the United States — has been linked to child hyperactivity and behavioral issues. So, the bakery was told by officials to cease its use of the American-made sprinkles.

The fiasco has been hilariously dubbed "Sprinklegate." Thankfully, Myers has a snarky sense of humor that has made the story go viral around the globe.

How is the owner of Get Baked handling Sprinklegate?

The debacle was brought to the world's attention via Get Baked's social media channels. Rich Myers himself posted a series of updates on the bakery's Facebook page to address the state of affairs. In the first of many hilarious posts, the bakery announced it was going to be closed the following day to attend staff training, get "some other important sh*t done," and because "everyone's f*cking knackered." The post mentioned that the bakery was visited by the Trading Standards after someone reported them for their use of forbidden sprinkles in their treats.

Myers goes on to defend his preference for the American garnish: "I realize how insane this is. Unfortunately, I am only prepared to use them and no others. If I can't use them, I won't use any. I will be on sprinkle strike and won't budge for no man." His vindication continues to become even more apparent as he claims European sprinkles just aren't as pretty or tasty: "Sprinkles you can get in this country are totally s***. They look wank, they bake wank ... British sprinkles just aren't the same, they're totally s***, and I hate them. I am extremely passionate about sprinkles." He then calls out the villain: "To whoever reported us to Trading Standards, (Dan?) all I have to say is, dear lord, what a sad little life Jane. My daughter, who is now 7 months, has to live with the fact that daddy can't take her to Disneyland because man can't sell any f****** cookies."

In a perhaps feeble attempt to make light of the situation, West Yorkshire Trading Standards posted an update on its Twitter to explain their move, even using the now-viral hashtag #sprinklegate. We get it. Everyone is just doing their jobs and looking after the well-being of the consumer. But this is something we can all laugh at. Here's to hoping Get Baked can get back to what they do best: making excellent cookies.