Here's Why You Should Never Store Nutella In The Fridge

It's hard to imagine a world where Nutella doesn't exist. What would toast be without a thick layer of the hazelnut spread smeared on top of it? How would desserts get by without a dollop or two of the treat to make the baked good become super moist? What did people even snack on before dunking a spoon into a jar and eating the creamy spread straight up was acceptable?

Today, Nutella is pretty much a pantry staple, sitting rightfully next to oil, eggs, and flour. Running low on Nutella is enough to warrant a special trip to the supermarket only to buy the biggest jar of the spread that you can find. (Not that anybody ever has delicious Nutella sitting in the kitchen long enough to worry about that.) But when you have a brand-new jar, there's some rules to know about storing the chocolate spread correctly, and there's one big deal-breaker.

According to Everything What, you should never store Nutella in a refrigerator — that is, unless you want that soft and shiny deliciousness to harden up and lose all its spreadable creaminess.

Nutella should always be stored at room temperature

The star ingredient in Nutella that distinguishes it from all other chocolate spreads is, of course, hazelnut — and it's a nut that has a shorter shelf-life compared to others (via Eat By Date). This is why Nutella can indeed spoil, especially if not stored correctly. According to Can It Go Bad, you should make sure to close the jar's lid properly after each use as the hazelnuts and dairy present in the spread make it an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow if it's not tightly secured.

Of course, because there's a large amount of sugar in Nutella, it is shelf-stable "and will remain edible at room temperature," says Everything What. But when you do so, keep Nutella hidden away from heat and direct sunlight (and prying hands waiting to steal a jar with your name on it). While heat and light can affect the flavor and smooth texture of the spread, this is still not a reason to put your jar away in the refrigerator. Doing so can make the oil from the hazelnuts harden, "and it'll become very difficult to spread," adds Everything What.

As per the Ferrero website, Nutella should be stored at room temperature between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius (or 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit) to ensure that it remains ideal for spreading on toast at all times.

And if you already have a jar sitting in the fridge, it's probably for the best to leave that jar in there, however. Removing Nutella from a cold temperature and then storing it at room temperature will only serve to spoil your Nutella from the rough adjustment. Instead, for those times when you already have a jar in the fridge, Quick Easy Cook recommends warming Nutella in the microwave when you need it, or warming your butter knife in some hot water and then slicing into your hardened Nutella just as you would with cold butter.