The Food Clue You Never Noticed In Squid Game

As a TV show, "Squid Game" has been getting a lot of attention for its unusual content and gripping narrative. Food is a crucial part of the show, and it has managed to inspire fans in different ways. For example, as per Eater, one of the episodes introduces viewers to Dalgona candy, a treat filled with caramelized sugar. Several characters on "Squid Game" have to get the shapes just right while making the candy in order to safeguard themselves from harm. Suffice to say, it's a difficult challenge.

Fans have been trying to imitate the food challenge; it's now easy to find recipes for Dalgona candy online and on TikTok or available for purchase in restaurants like MDK Noodles, which has Dalgona candy on the menu. An Instagram video from the restaurant demonstrates how staff members prepare the dessert. A fan of the show joked that they felt anxious just looking at the video clip — the stakes are really high on the show, after all.

This isn't the only powerful "Squid Game" scene involving food

According to Delish, food remains a very important part of the show throughout. The plot is sprinkled with plenty of food references that are used to convey messages to the viewers. Early on in the South Korean drama, income disparity becomes clear between a major character and his daughter's stepfather when she talks about visiting a steakhouse for an expensive meal as they casually dine on some rice cakes.

Additionally, even before the end of the show, the characters are shown eating a steak and sipping red wine. Toward the end of that segment, viewers witness a seemingly gory scene: blood left behind by the steak and a few knives nearby. This is a subtle way to highlight the last fight sequence on "Squid Game" and a disturbing murder that involves two characters, Cho Sang-Woo and Jung Ho-yeon. Blood and knives are hard to miss here, too.