This Viral TikTok Recipe Was Inspired By Netflix's Squid Game

If you've ever wished you could try the everlasting gobstopper from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" or the chocolate frogs from "Harry Potter," you're in for a treat because a viral TikTok trend is bringing to life the actual candy that appeared in Netflix's "Squid Game" (via Today).

In the increasingly popular South Korean survival drama, regular people compete in simple childhood games, but with their actual lives at stake. Winning means taking home a cash prize worth millions, however, losing means death. In one of the challenges, the participants are given a fragile cookie made of dalgona candy, each of which is imprinted with a shape. In order to win and stay alive, they must separate the shape from the rest of the cookie without breaking it, all while the clock is ticking. The scene from "Squid Game" is filled with so much suspense and intrigue that viewers have taken to TikTok to make their own dalgona cookies, and test it out for themselves.

How do you make the dalgona cookie from Netflix's Squid Game?

Though "Squid Game" exists in a dystopian society, dalgona candy is entirely real. According to TikTok user @audreysaurus, whose "Squid Game"-inspired recipe has racked up millions of views on the app, dalgona is actually a popular street food in Korea. It's cheap and consists of only two ingredients, sugar and baking soda. Much like the show, dalgona is typically stamped with a cookie cutter, and while you won't win a cash prize if you manage to eat around the design without breaking it, you do get some free candy from the street vendor. 

To make the dalgona cookie from "Squid Game," simply stir one and a half tablespoons of sugar over heat until dissolved, then add a pinch of baking soda. Once combined and liquified, pour the mixture onto a baking sheet and press with a mold or the bottom of a glass to flatten. It's easy to make, but definitely a challenge to eat — at least if you're following the rules from "Squid Game."