Aldi Shares Super Relatable Meme About Its Shoppers Habits

Have you ever started working on a recipe only to realize you're missing one pesky little ingredient? You then grab your car keys and plan to make a quick, five-minute run to a supermarket, promising yourself that it's going to be a breezy run-in only to grab that one thing followed by a quick sprint out the door. Except, the one-ingredient supermarket run turns into a two-hour grocery haul!

Aldi is happy to let you know that you aren't the only one to face this peculiar problem. In a post on the chain's Instagram page, Aldi shared a meme of a hilarious shopper's habit that all their fans can relate to — going to the store just for a carton of milk only to end up with a cart filled to the brim with tons of other food items.

Unsurprisingly, Aldi's followers could not get over just how relatable the meme was. "I literally had 5 things on my list this morning....$162 later..." wrote one follower, whereas others admitted that they often end up buying everything except for what they went into Aldi for in the first place — like this shopper that had a hilarious confession: "I went for dinosaur nuggets yesterday and walked [out] with a new vacuum and two dresses."

Supermarkets like Aldi use several tricks to make you shop more

While it may seem like just one of those accidental things that happens to everyone all the time, in reality, supermarkets like Aldi (and mega chains like Target) put a lot of thought into making sure that you shop a lot more than you intend to.

According to The Conversation, supermarkets use a lot of tricks to make you spend more at their store — right from colorful fruits and veggies that you see the second you step into the store to the smell of freshly baked breads and mellow music playing in the background. In fact, there's an entire "planogram" that supermarkets follow, which basically is a map that indicates the best way to place all items throughout the supermarket shelves in a way that brings in the maximum amount of sales.

CheatSheet notes that Aldi, in particular, often places pricey items at the very front of the store and right next to other discounted items. That way, after seeing the hefty price tags, shoppers think that the discounted items are a steal. Plus, Aldi's weekly "Special Buys" section often makes shoppers feel like, if you don't buy that discounted item at that very moment, you're going to miss out on a bargain that will never come back again, eventually making you walk out of the store with way more stuff than you planned to buy.