Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Molly Yeh's Halloween Costume

Molly Yeh just shared a snap of her in the best Halloween costume and her fans on Instagram just can't get enough of it. Yeh, for those of you who don't know, is a food blogger, cookbook author, and star of the Food Network show "Girl Meets Farm." The show shares her spin on comfort food from the farm she lives on with her family in North Dakota. Yeh is also known for her food and lifestyle blog My Name is Yeh, where she updates her followers with recipes inspired by her heritage and the Midwest and the goings-on around the farm.

"It's never been my goal to create something that is found on the internet elsewhere ... I only want to create things that are new," Yeh said in an interview with Glamour. The outlet also noted that her rise to success and varied background could be mistaken for a rom-com plot but that her charm, innovation, and dedication to creating something new on the internet is what eventually brought her to the top of the food blogging world. And it also appears that the culinary star is on top of her Halloween costume game.

Molly Yeh's costume pops

In honor of the Halloween episode of "Girl Meets Farm," the celebrity chef posted a picture of her in costume on Instagram. In the snapshot, she stands on her front ports, smiling wide and flashing double thumbs up at the camera. She's wearing a full body costume in the shape of a red and white striped popcorn box, complete with yellow buttery popcorn overflowing from the top and a popped kernel affixed to her hair. It's totally adorable.

Yeh posted it with the caption, "today is the halloween episode of gmf and for absolutely no reason whatsoever: i am popcorn." Lots of popcorn box emojis were used, of course. The cook tagged Food Network and also the costume designer who made it, Gabrielle Ruffino. Her fans were in the comments hyping the outfit up. One wrote, "Man. That outfit is ... wait for it ... poppin!" Another noted how the popcorn headpiece really brought the whole costume to the next level. We can't wait to see what she wheres on the actually holiday!