These 'Next Level' Egg Rolls Turned A Chef Into A TikTok Sensation

@ontherolleggrolls, a TikTok account sharing innovative and "next level" egg rolls made in Detroit, has launched a takeout and delivery business. Watching Mike Williams' content makes it easy to see why the creations have gone viral: They're full of cheese pulls and mouthwatering meats. Thanks to attention on social media, the chef was able to take his over-the-top egg rolls from an idea to a successful small business, reports WXYZ Detroit. "You type in egg rolls on google I pop up. I'm like a 5-star restaurant on google," Williams said.

On the Roll, Next Level Eggroll's dishes don't necessarily look like the egg rolls from the frozen-foods aisle. Williams' "super rolls" are extra large, and they're square or conical instead of cylindrical. Based on his recent videos, they're filled with all kinds of creative combinations, including chicken and waffles, crab and shrimp with cream cheese, and even the "family reunion" special with smoked turkey, mac and cheese, greens, and yams.

Williams fries his egg rolls in his home kitchen and then hands them to customers from a van in a Southfield, Detroit parking lot. Customers order them up to months in advance via call, text, or direct message on TikTok or Instagram and pay with cash or through Cash App. The chef also donates his egg rolls to homeless people in his community every other week. How did his cooking get so much attention in the first place?

What people are saying about Williams' egg rolls

The Detroit metropolitan area can't get enough of Chef Williams and his next level egg rolls, and the sensation all started on TikTok. His videos have garnered a total of nearly 800,000 likes, and his most-watched video has 4 million views to date. If the comments are any indication, people are very keen to taste his specialties, and some are willing to drive several miles from neighboring cities to give them a try.

On a post about Williams' Hibachi Chicken Extendo Super Roll, complete with a golden exterior and packed filling of chicken and seasoned rice, one user said, "A quick two hour drive ... on my way." Another wrote, "Why do your videos have me looking at my GPS thinking 'you know 3 hours really isn't that far.'" Another video features a cheese pull from a split-open corned beef egg roll, prompting many more comments from faraway customers saying they were coming to Williams soon.

In an interview with WXYZ Detroit, Williams expressed how grateful he is that people love his egg rolls. "God gave me a vision and I kinda just took off with it. ... God is just showing me how to be a better person for the community." Whether you're three minutes or 3 hours away from Southfield, Detroit, you can order from On the Roll Next Level Egg Rolls on Wednesdays through Saturdays.