Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Burger King's One Word Dig At McPlant Burgers

Host of the YouTube channel "Max Vs Food," Max Stanford is serious about McDonald's McPlant burgers, a new plant-based burger available in a trial run at some locations in the U.K., according to the official website. Stanford is so serious, in fact, that he recently set a world record for scarfing down 23 of the vegan sandwiches in just one hour. He had originally set a goal of 25 burgers, which would have equated to 10,000 calories, but was happy with his accomplishment nonetheless.

"It was around the time I reached the 20th burger that I really started to feel the impact of the challenge," Stanford said in an interview with U.K.'s Mirror. "The last five were a struggle so I was happy with my time of 59 minutes and 45 seconds, but I wish I could have finished the last ones a lot sooner."

We've now left you hanging on perhaps the most important question relating to the new McPlant item — is it any good? The vegan burger, a product collaboration between McDonald's and Beyond Meat, is meant to taste like the real stuff and comes with a vegan patty, vegan cheese, and vegan sauce. Stanford told the Mirror it's "meaty, but not like a traditional beef burger ... You could tell it was different to a regular beef patty, but it didn't taste like the pea-based protein, which it's made from." Though it sounds great, not everyone appears to share his enthusiasm.

Burger King took their digs at the new McPlant Burger

Despite Stanford's impressive feat, McDonald's biggest competitor Burger King had one major question regarding the new menu item and Stanford's world record-breaking attempt: "Why?" The fast food giant posted the single word response on its Twitter account with a link to the Mirror article, which then initiated a storm of hilarious comments. "He should have eaten 23 plant-based WHOPPERS," one user wrote, followed by two drooling faced emojis. "God I love the admin of this account," wrote another, seeming to enjoy Burger King's humor. 

Burger King of course sells its own plant-based burger, which it calls the Plant Based Whopper in the U.K. (per the official website), and it seems to be their iteration of the Impossible Whopper here in the States, which also has a meat-imitating taste.

But Stanford seems to answer @BurgerKingUK's audacious question in the Mirror article. He stated he had own reasons for wanting to try out the burger, saying he not only likes to "try new food items," but also likes to stay abreast of the release of new vegan foods and "compare them to their non-vegan equivalents." Seems like Stanford accomplished that and then some — and we can only hope the rest of us get the chance to try the McPlant someday.