Here's Where Camel Milk Is Becoming The New Go-To For Coffee

It's not unusual to walk into a coffee shop and have a plethora of milk options to down your espresso or brewed coffee with: whole, skim, 2%, half & half, and that doesn't even cover the nondairy options. However, unless we're talking about the oat, soy, and almond varieties of the creamy coffee addition, it's usually safe to say that the milk you'll find is from a cow.

But, have you ever wondered about milk from another mammal? Say, from a camel? It's not a totally random choice. In fact, in some places, camel milk is rising in popularity — and extremely quickly.

According to HealthLine, camel milk can taste different depending on where it's from. "American camel milk is said to have a sweet, slightly salty, and creamy taste, while camel milk from the Middle East has a more nutty and smoky flavor," the article explained.

Still, the question remains: Does it taste good in coffee? And would you drink it? Keep reading to learn where you can get a daily dose of camel milk coffee and answer these questions for yourself.

Camel milk is a hit in Kenya

According to an article in CNN, camel milk is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya. In the nation's capital, Nairobi, one café in particular is embracing the trend.

Omar Shariff, the manager at CJ's Restaurant in Nairobi, has noticed that more and more people are looking to try camel milk. "Where demand for camel milk in the past had largely been driven by the local Somali community who grew up with it, today more and more customers are requesting it," the article explained.

Now, if you were to go into CJ's, you'd find things like "camel-ccinos" and "camelattes" on the menu. Apparently, the restaurant even has plans to expand the menu to more camel products than just drinks, including a camel burger.

Aside from its taste, camel milk has received attention recently for its potential health benefits, including lots of antioxidants, various vitamins and minerals, and low sugar levels.

If you're outside of Kenya, it may be harder to get your hands on a camel latte for now. However, if the popularity of the milk continues to grow, the opportunity to try what some have called "white gold" may be sooner than you think.