Instagram Is Impressed By Geoffrey Zakarian's 'Weird' Workout Routine

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian likes to prioritize his health and fitness at all times. According to Today, he stayed focused on his workout goals by exercising at home last year. The pandemic didn't deter the chef from getting creative, and he used innovative tools such as a swing set to challenge his body. 

He also posted an impressive video of one of his favorite exercises on Twitter and shared a tip with his fans. "Body weight only, an easy way to work every part of the body. I usually end every session with this exercise!" Fans were taken aback. A Twitter user even wrote that they definitely cannot pull off that exercise. Another fan wrote, "Who knew Zakarian was ripped??"

Well, Geoffrey Zakarian is in no mood to slow down. He took to Instagram to share one of his favorite workout hacks yesterday. His followers are really impressed by his dedication to fitness.

He has useful advice

Geoffrey Zakarian isn't shy. He shared a video clip from one of his workouts yesterday. "Although it may look weird... using an offset weight setup!" he wrote on Instagram. "This is great for your core — just the act of sitting on the floor with your legs as straight as possible takes all the leverage away making it very difficult." The chef added that this forces you to pay attention to movement and ensure that you're using good form while lifting weights.

A fan said that Zakarian is her "fitness spirit animal." Meanwhile, another commenter wrote that she's not seen this before and is curious to try it out herself. An Instagram user agreed with the chef and wrote that it looks odd, but also very tough to do. They added, "great job." Last week, Geoffrey Zakarian put up a video clip of a workout move that targets the shoulders as well as legs. An Instagram user wrote, "[work] smarter, not harder!"