Cat Cora's Spooky Skittle's Popcorn In Perfect For Your Halloween Bash

Celebrity chef Cat Cora has plenty of useful tips for home cooks who want to take their cooking skills to the next level. For example, she says that it helps to marinate meat for at least 60 minutes before cooking it (via Pop Sugar). Cora also recommends using citrus to spruce up a dish. Plus, cleaning during the cooking process is a better idea as opposed to delaying it until much later. Another tip? Cora thinks that natural ingredients such as agave and honey are better options for whipped cream compared to plain old sugar. 

The enterprising Cora also has some interesting recipes on her website, such as mango margaritas and mimosa popsicles. Also, one of her latest dishes is a striking green and orange snack made with Skittles that is a really good option for Halloween. She posted about it on Instagram. "Trick or Treat?! My Spooky Skittle's Popcorn is a great Halloween snack," she wrote in the caption.

The recipe is doable

For her Halloween treat, Cat Cora likes to combine Skittles with classic ingredients such as popcorn, butter, sugar, and oil. She advised her Instagram followers to mix the candy, butter, and sugar in a saucepan until everything has melted before adding popcorn to the concoction. The next step is to use oiled wax paper with a baking sheet to let the popcorn cool down. The final step is fairly easy. "Once all of your colors are created and cooled, toss in a big bowl for a spooky treat!" Cora instructed.

Cat Cora's fans are quite impressed with her latest creation. A commenter wrote, "wow that looks great and yummy." Another fan said that it was a really tasty snack. Meanwhile, Cat Cora is definitely gearing up for the festive season. In another photo, she posed with colorful snacks that were decorated for Halloween and wrote that she really enjoys making these snacks for her kids, no matter how old they get.