Twitter Is Cracking Up Over This Deviled Egg Date

Take a quick scroll through Twitter, and chances are you'll come across all kinds of different incidents of mansplaining. The latest episode that's unfolding on the social media platform is all about deviled eggs that were being discussed on a date, and people are finding the whole thing absolutely hysterical.

One Twitter user, Kristen Arnett, tweeted, "man at this bar is describing in great detail exactly what a deviled egg is to his date, a woman who already told him twice that she's had them before." The tweet was shared on October 20, and within a day, the tweet has already earned more than 80,000 likes and continues to grow. It has even been retweeted more than 2,800 times and quote-tweeted more than 400 times. It's definitely a viral moment people are reveling in. But Arnett did not just stop there. She continued to live-tweet the conversation as it happened.

This is how other people responded

Arnett tweeted again. "So, it's like a regular egg, right? But it's not," she wrote. Then she added, "have you heard of an espresso martini" followed by "oh BUDDY I have missed happy hour, truly a slice of miraculous life." Eventually, she concluded the thread by saying, "every person making an egg joke in the comments or quote tweets...... i see you, i recognize you, you are basically this man describing deviled eggs." And some of those responses were so funny.

One person jokingly posted a photo of a couple in a club, with the guy talking right in the girl's ear while she had a disgusted look on her face. "SO YOU TAKE THE YOKES AND ADD SOME SPICES AND THEN WHIP THEM UNTIL REAL CREAMY. PUT THAT INTO A PIPING BAG, OR A ZIPLOC BAG IF YOU DONT HAVE A PIPING BAG AND JUST CUT THE CORNER. NOW USE A STAR TIP IF YOU HAVE ONE AND PIPE THE YOKE MIXTURE BACK INTO THE EGG WHITES," the caption read. Those who read it can just feel the guy yelling this into the girl's ear. That response alone got nearly 2,500 likes.

Chances are, there isn't a second date in the future for this deviled egg pair.